SPINGLE Company is a sneaker maker by which craftsmen handmake sneakers in Japan.

We have our own factory in Fuchu City Hiroshima Prefecture, which was originally founded as a rubber maker and has over 80 years of history,
and our craftsmen work hard daily to create shoes by fusing their experienced skills and innovative design at a high level.

Comfortable Fit and Innovative Design:

The Heart Behind the Birth of “SPINGLE”

スピングルムーブ こだわり 画像

In the 1990s, due to the domestic influx of overseas brands, the market changed dramatically. While the parent company Nichiman Co., Ltd. was also affected by this, it reassessed its strengths, and founded SPINGLE Company to establish branding for its products.

We took advantage of the fact that we had a factory which could undertake vulcanized manufacturing, which was rare in Japan, and focusing on the innovative idea of using leather, which had previously been considered unsuitable for vulcanized manufacturing, our product planners began daily product development.

During development we were particular about “comfort,” and “a SPINGLE sneaker design that is recognizable even from a distance.” In our pursuit for comfort which captivates after just one wear, we have been particularly thorough in our product design. It is our own factory craftsmen who have had an unforgettable role in the actualization of these products from the beginning. It is thanks to the knowledge and skills of these craftsmen that we could complete a product that focuses on extreme comfort of wear.

スピングル 職人 作業
スピングルムーブ パリコレ 画像

The Paris Collection and The Milan Collection

スピングルムーブ パリコレ 画像

It would not be an exaggeration to say that our goal to create “a SPINGLE sneaker design that is recognizable even from a distance” took form in the wave/makiage sole which has now become our company’s identity. This innovative design using the wave sole caught the eye of a designer brand and a collaboration was realized. Following this, in 2004 SPINGLE shoes appeared in the Paris Collection and the Milan Collection and gradually began to attract attention.

The Comfortable Fit Secret

バルカナイズ 釜

The Vulcanization Process

Vulcanization is a process by which rubber containing sulfur is placed in a special kiln and pressure is applied at high pressure to cure the rubber and firmly bond the upper and outsole. This produces shoes which have excellent flexibility, which do not easily lose their shape, and soles which do not peel off easily. The vulcanization process requires a lot of hand work, taking a great amount of time and labor, therefore only a few domestic factories use this manufacturing process. Therefore, this process has great value as a rarity.

Toe Room

SPINGLE shoes include “toe room” in the toe area which gives an extra margin of space to ensure that toes can easily bend when walking. Therefore, it does not mean that because the shoe length is longer that the size does not match. When choosing your size, we recommend that you match shoes to your foot “width” and “foot circumference.”

Wearing shoes with the “width” and “foot circumference” in a cramped state may hurt your feet. We hope that you will choose the correct size shoes and feel comfort wearing them.

スピングル 巻き上げソール

Wave/Makiage Sole

It would not be an exaggeration to say that SPINGLE’s identity is now the wave/makiage sole. The original material for the outsole is natural rubber and we uniquely compound this at our own factory. Through this in-house formulated rubber compound and the vulcanization process, we create highly flexible shoes which match toe flexion well and will make you feel they are easy to walk in.


The insole uses soft natural latex rubber which is also used for cosmetic puffs. It feels good on your feet and is highly resilient which enables comfortable wear for a long time. Additionally, the arch and convex center support the arch of the foot which increases stability.

スピングル インソール
スピングル カウンター ライニング

Counter and Lining

The counter, which is the core material used in the heel part, has a high fixing force which makes the heel very stable. Additionally, we have taken particular effort to ensure the lining is made with as few sewed points as possible to improve the feel of foot contact and give a feeling of your foot being enfolded in the shoe.

Carefully Selected Leather and Canvas

The leather and canvas used for the upper are also soft and comfortable. Among these, kangaroo leather is a popular material due to being especially soft and extremely strong. However, only materials which have cleared our strict standards of being able to bear the high temperature and pressure of the vulcanization process, and which attach well to the rubber material used in the sole are used, and a lot of knowledge is necessary for material selection.

スピングル レザー
スピングル 職人

The Value of Craftsmen’s Experience

We cannot forget the role craftsmen play in completing the ultimately comfortable shoe. From rubber processing to shoe molding, everything changes when the material changes, therefore their wealth of knowledge and experience can be relied on. It is their valuable experience, which has been passed down from craftsmen to craftsmen for over 80 years, which is the treasure of SPINGLE.

Shoes you Want to Talk About. Shoes you Fall in Love With.

In addition to a comfortable fit and unique designs,
another important point for us is
“Making shoes which have a story that you will want to tell others about.”

We plan collaborative products with other brands,
and challenge ourselves to use materials not normally used in sneakers,
such as using rare materials like kangaroo and crocodile,
and using local materials such as Bingo denim etc.

The story of each and every model is not only told by us the creators;
we also want each customer who wears them to pass it on.
Furthermore, for our customers to really love and
keep wearing their special pair of SPINGLE shoes with joy, is above all what really drives us.

The Origin of SPINGLE

Following trial and error, this is the first SPINGLE classic model which was produced. Even first-time customers will be able to directly feel the attractiveness of the comfort and style.

Product Page

Soft and Comfortable Fit

This model uses kangaroo leather which has the 3 excellent qualities of being light, durable and soft. It is a true masterpiece which makes you feel first-class comfort from the moment you put them on.

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Design + Comfort

Popular kangaroo leather is used in the middle cut side gore. The gore expands and contracts to make the shoes easy to put on and take off and gives a good fit feel around the ankle.

Product Page

Product Page

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