A soft insole with a comfortable fit

This insole uses natural latex rubber. It has a strong resilience and continuously enfolds the foot softly. Under the insole, the inner sole uses material which is also used in cosmetic puffs.

Well ventilated lining

SPINGLE MOVE uses sythetic wrinkled pig leather which breathes well. The leather, synthetic leather and other material are used differently according to the design and purpose.

An outsole with excellent durability and flexibilty

The curved up outsole, which can be called a SPINGLE icon, is attached by hand. It has excellent elasticity, durability, grip and flexibility.

Carefully chosen details Shoelaces and eyelets

Laces are used according to purpose and design. There is a wealth of variety in material, color, width and weaving type. We change the eyelet size, shape, color, material (Aluminium or Nickel etc) according to the design.

Foxing tape Creating the design impression

We make differences through altering the rubber width, base color and line color etc.

Hard to tire in, which makes them stand out from the rest The heel core

Through using hot melt adhesives, usually used in leather shoes, the heel is fixed and even if you walk for a long time it doesn’t move so they are hard to tire in.

Carefully chosen upper materials

SPINGLE MOVE mainly uses leather. Made to withstand high kiln temperatures etc. they have passed many tests, and only use the most carefully chosen leather.

Beautiful Form

At first look they seem narrow, but when you try them, they don’t feel tight, they fit the foot just right.

2018 Fall & Winter Collection