Hard to tire in, even if you wear them all dayComfort just like sneakers

Because we are a sneaker maker who could combine the traditional leather shoe making stitch down method, and the traditional sneaker making vulcanization method, we could combine sneakers and mens shoes to a higher dimension and were able to actualize shoes more comfortable than ever before.

The comfortable fit born through finely detailed craftmanshipQuality made by Japanese craftsmen

It is the craftsmen who support SPINGLE, where manual labour processes abound. SPINGLE’s quality is protected by their strict eyes and traditions which have cultivated their techniques.

Carefully chosen materials and attention to detailsA wide variety of designability

Carefully chosen leather and uppers are used. Designs are simple but we pay close attention to patterns and details, and match them to they styles, creating a wide variety of designs easy to choose from. We have actualized shoes more comfortable than ever before.

We won’t lose to other businessesExcellent high performing functionality

The highly impact resilient well curved cup insole, the lining which is treated to be absorbent, quick drying and anti bacterial, the highly water repellent material which is strong in the rain, the refracting leather which reflects the sun’s rays and keeps down the inner shoe temperature etc. are all functions we put care into. ※Functions vary according to the model.

2020 Spring&Summer Collection