A rough indication of whether repair (maintenance) will be possible or not (in the case of the outsole)

Please note that even among the following images of the range of products possible for repair (maintenance) below, there are some which, after the actual shoe has been checked, may not be possible for repair.
When material other than the rubber material can be seen, repair is not possible. (Due to the fact that we cannot guarantee the bonding strength of materials used to repair the sole)

○ 修理可能

○ Repair possible

△ 現物確認

△ Actual shoe confirmation necessary

× 修理不可

× Repair not possible

An image of completed repair (maintenance)

We cannot reattach the outsole, new rubber will be attached to repair the worn out area.
Furthermore, repair (maintenance) of the bottom of the shoe will be be limited to starting 2cm from the end of the toe tip to the heel.

修理(補修)後のイメージ かかとのみ

Heel only

修理(補修)後のイメージ オールソール(つま先~かかと)

Whole sole (toe tip to heel)

修理(補修)後のイメージ ライニング


Repair (maintenance) flow

Inquiry form for repair (maintenance)

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