Q. I usually wear a size 26cm, so which size is better, M or L?

Leather settles down and stretches when you wear it, and shoe size can also be adjusted with shoelaces, so we recommend choosing your exact size.
If you aren’t sure which shoes you should choose in 1cm pitch sizes, please choose the larger size. For example, for those who wear 26cm size shoes, please buy size L (26.5cm).
Some customers have bought a slightly larger size and tie the laces very tightly.
If you are worried about the size, please mail us with details about the product name, numer and color that you are interested in, and about what shoe maker and size that you normally wear. We will give each customer personal advice.


Q. If my feet are wide, how should I go about choosing sizes?

SPINGLE MOVE is created to fit the Japanese foot the best, longish with a thinnish instep and a smallish heel, and is made so as to make you feel like your feet are enfolded and held in the shoes. At first look, they look narrow, but the long length makes them look slender, and the actual shoes are not made extremely narrow.
Those who have high insteps or wide feet, and those who have bunions, are able to enjoy wearing SPINGLE MOVE in their normal shoe size.

Q. Why is the sizing per 1cm?

SPINGLE MOVE has 8 sizes: XS(22.5cm)、SS(23.5cm)、S(24.5cm)、M(25.5cm)、L(26.5cm)、LL(27.5cm)、XL(28.5cm)、XXL(29.5cm). (Depending on the model, the sizes available differ)
For a wide range of product development and to keep size notation in a style similar to clothing S,M,L, we have chosen to size our shoes in 1cm pitches.

Q. Where can I buy XXL(29.5cm)?

Models available in size XXL are limited, but we do produce them at a set period of time.
When shopping for them, please make enquiries at your local SPINGLE stocking store or the inquiry page.


Q. How do I return shoes?

Please inquire at the store you purchased them at. If there is a problem, please make inquiries.


Q. The size didn’t match, how do I exchange the shoes?

Please enquire to the store whether shoe exchange is possible or not.

Q. What should I do if they break after only 2 or 3 times of wearing?

First please inquire at the store you bought them at.
If exchange is not possible at the store you bought them at, please contact us through our inquiry page and give us the details so we can confirm the condition of the shoes.


Q. Where can I get them fixed?

We accept repairs through the store you bought them from, so please inquire at the store you bought them from.
If you are unsure where they were purchased, please check our repairs page.

Repair Response

Q. Can you tell me when the model I want will go into production again?

Please send an enquiry to our inquiry page stating the size etc that you would like.