Sole Attachment

It is difficult to adjust the sole to match each shoe’s condition as the sole is attached.

We undertake finishing work to complete the sole attachment.
To prevent gaps which may make the sole peel off, we take into consideration the condition of the upper material and choose appropriate glue to match.
Even with the same material, each shoe’s leather shrinkage is different so delicate adjustment is necessary and even now, to curve the end up is difficult.
When the material is difficult to glue on we are quite nervous.

A word to our customers

There are many color variations, so we hope you can enjoy choosing your shoes and wearing them in many situations.


So that the look or the feel when you put your foot in is not bad, we use a type of side lasting, in which a machine is used to pull over the front side, and then the outer and inner sides are matched to the last (foot mould).

Of course there is an impact on the look of the shoe, but according to the amount of stretching, the height of the shoe opening is changed, and it may become hard to put them on, so we are careful with this work.

A word to our customers

I like to go on drives, and these shoes are easy to drive in, so when you go sightseeing, I think you can enjoy these shoes both for driving and for walking.

Toe Tip Lasting

We do lasting work by making sure that the shoes are the same width and there are no size differences down to the milimeter, adjusting the upper to the wooden last to ensure there are no wrinkles.

The difficult part is making sure that there is left and right symmetry in the materials.
Furthermore, when the materials change, the way the hide stretches and point to point areas are slightly different, so the handwork must be done properly to match left and right and achieve balance.

If the left and right widths are different or the height is not right, the look will be wrong too, so we are making our best effort to align the shoes using analog measurement by the millimeter to ensure there is no difference and that the width is the same.

A word to our customers

We want you to really get into your shoes and get a lot of use out of them and think ‘these are really great shoes!’
For those who really want to treasure wearing their shoes, we’d be happy if you could treasure them by cleaning them correctly when they get dirty.


We make stylish and comfortable shoes

We are taking care to balance foot comfort with a good fit and design. To make stylish shoes which feel comfortable to wear, we are taking care to avoid small differences which may make cause rubbing against bones and pain.

A word to our customers

The most important thing is that you are happy to wear our shoes!
When you go out even on small trips, we would be pleased if you would choose to wear our shoes.