We want to use leather which is interesting and has flavor to challenge ourselves to make shoes we have never seen before. 

Materials Which are Unusual in Sneaker Production

At SPINGLE we are challenging ourselves to give birth to shoes with a multitude of designs due to using leather and various types of processed skins unusual in sneakers, by using each leather’s textures and the various patterns made due to processing.

In natural leather we use kangaroo, cow, horse, pig, camel, goat, sheep, crocodile, python, lizard, eel, and on rare occasions shark etc. In processed materials we use prints and processed pleats, processed crocodile, whole shoe dyeing, processed stone wash etc. Collaborating these two types with each brand.

Limited Sale of Crocodile Leather Model Sold for ¥150,000 Per Pair

Because They are Handmade, an Only one in the World Pair Can be Made

We are also particular about the quality, and only shoes which have been through the high temperature kiln vulcanization method and have been thoroughly checked for heat, carbonization, shrinkage and discoloring.

Our particularity about these materials is that each pair of shoes is diffferent and has it’s own distinctive unevenness and wrinkled ‘taste,’ and because the shoes are handmade, we can produce an only one pair of shoes in the world.

We will continue to keep challenging ourselves to try various possibilities so that we can deliver shoes to our customers that they have never seen before.