Sneakers which are made from the preparation of rubber at our own rubber factory to the craftsmens' hands

The Compounded Rubber is Adjusted for Each Sneaker

There is a rubber factory within the factory, and various types of raw rubber is attained in lumps, and rubber is all produced at our own company.

Master craftsmen adjust the raw rubber composition suitale for each sneaker amid high temperatures.
For example, they are creative in blending Indonesian-made natural rubber and composite rubber made from crude oil, and to finishing them off with a shine.

At the time the rubber is prepared to go in the roller, rubber coloring or adding lame can be done freely. At this point we add our well-known unique pattern to the sole. Because it is our own rubber factory, we can begin to make many different looks for shoes beginning with the sole.

Unique Sole Pattern as Used in Gym Shoes in the Past

Following this, after we have cooled the sheet of rubber the craftworkers cut one by one by hand each sole shape and the outsole is completed.
This pattern is made using the rubber sole pattern that was used in the production of gym shoes over forty years ago.

Furthermore, the fit which envelops the foot, uses the same natural latex rubber that is used in cosmetic puffs.

We do not cut corners when it comes to making rubber, which has a large influence on the fit.